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2016 Topps Chrome Jumbo Hobby Box Break

The Topps Chrome release has long been an alternative parallel to the flagship Topps set, but this one seems to take it even a little bit further.  The base set is only 200 cards, but then you also see inserts matching the regular base set inserts, as well.  I’m not sure if that’s really necessary.  There are also a lot fewer inserts and parallels than from recent years.  This lack of parallels leaves you with a question of value.  Base cards don’t really seem to get a lot of respect, and now you get more of them.

The jumbo boxes advertise five autographs per box, but there isn’t much else.  The boxes contain 12 packs of 13 cards.

This box contains:

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2016 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

There’s not much to be said about series two of the basic Topps release that hasn’t already been said.  I guess I’ve gotten more used to the design, but it still doesn’t feel like Topps, for some reason.  It features the continuation of many Series One insert sets, including the Wrigley Field celebration.

They also seem to really be cutting back on the amount of inserts in a box.  This is great for set collectors, but not as much for the value of a box.   Maybe it will lead to better values for the inserts in the long run.

The jumbo box advertises 10 packs with 50 cards each, including one autograph and two relics per box.

This box contained:
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2016 Bowman Jumbo Hobby Box Break

Not a lot of surprises with the regular Bowman releases.  The 150 card base set features a few top rookies and a handful of players from around the league.   This release has always been much more about the prospects, however.   You’ll find some top prospects, but for the most part, the majority of these players are pretty far away from the majors.

You can definitely find some hidden gems, but you may not notice it for a few years.


This box contained:


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2016 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

The first baseball release always brings an early taste of spring each year. It seems Topps has started taking some more chances with the base card designs, after many years of primarily a solid white border. Last year, they ventured in to a multi color border, but this year, the border is almost completely gone.

I really liked the design when I initially saw it online. It’s different from the standard releases. Then someone from the comic shop completely changed how I saw them by saying one word. Panini. After he said that, I do see it. It feels a lot like the types of designs Panini would release. Somehow, despite not having a border, the cards have more of a flat feel than usual.

It’s possible it will grow on me, but my initial feel is a bit of a let down. I still like seeing Topps change it up a little bit, even if some years end up missing the mark a little bit.

There is the usual assortment of inserts, including autograph and relic versions. In what seems almost a yearly occurrence now, buyback cards are featured once again. It looks like they go beyond base topps this year, and include other releases and even stars. They’re also starting to include different parallel levels of buybacks, based on the color of the foil stamp up to a 1/1 gold stamp.

This box contained:

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2015 Topps Update Jumbo Hobby Box Break

The Topps Update set is an old favorite from this time of year.   You expect to see a lot of mid season rookies and players who are traded.  It has a pretty good selection, but some major names, like Schwarber, are curiously missing.  I suppose it is just an effort to keep some rookies in series one next winter.

Another major change you find this year is the expansion of the base set to 400 cards, after many years at 330.  Even series 1 and series 2 were only 350 cards each this year.  One thing that really stands out to me this year, involves the stamped buyback cards in the packs.  I like the idea, but it seems like they should really up their game a bit.  I realize some of these are are 55+ years old, but I’d still hope they would at least not have rips through the cards and other serious damage.  It’s fun to pull an old card, but it loses quite a bit when it looks like it was pulled out of a garbage pile.


The box has the standard configuration for jumbos featuring ten packs of 50 cards each.


This box contained:

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