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2021 Topps Stadium Club Hobby Box Break

Is the hobby starting to come back to normal? It’s starting to look that way. While Stadium Club isn’t just sitting around on store shelves, it has been much more available to this point. Yes, it has two autographs per box, but the release is more driven by the image quality. Maybe that doesn’t work as well for the hit driven hobby of today.

A box advertises 16 packs with 8 cards per pack. The set features current stars, as well as all time greats mixed in, with a variety of dynamic photographs. The base set contains 300 cards, so it’s a bit of a slog to build the set, but without any SPs as part of the set, it is attainable. There is a mix of SPs, but they are all variants, rather than base cards. There is a set of these features alternate photos, while others use the styling from 1991 and 1992 Stadium Club. We also see a few of the regular insert sets

This box contained:

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2020 Topps WWE Women’s Division Hobby Box Break

After many delays and cancellations, the long awaited 2020 Topps WWE Women’s Division release finally hit stores on May 14, 2021. It was clearly in the works the entire time, as the cards are dated 2020, as is all the associated art work. I think this is the last release coming from 2020 , but I guess you can never say never at this point.

The release has a familiar format, featuring a 100 base set showing some of the many of the big happenings from 2019. There are multiple parallels to these cards. Despite that being the base set, there is also a 60 card insert set featuring individual cards for the roster. These roster cards feel more important to me, as individual stars have a card all to themselves. There are also a few other inserts sets, along with a mix of autographs and relics to round out the release.

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2021 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break

As the first full year of the pandemic comes to an end, the hobby world is still adjusting. Is this the new normal? How long will things continue? What will change forever? At this point, it’s not just product being resold for big prices. Even the prices direct from Topps to LCSes are going up drastically. This release has gone up significantly in just the last few years, even with production way up. the odds inside have gotten much worse now, too.

This release pays tribute to the 1972 Topps release. If features cards in the style of that year, including In Action cards for some of the big stars. It also contains the usually types of variations from the previous releases. This isn’t really a hit driven product, but one relic or autograph is advertised per box. The autographs fall a lot less frequently, though. The base set includes 400 cards, with an additional 100 SPs to round out the set.

A box contains 24 packs with 9 cards per pack. Each box includes one autograph or relic, as well as a box topper of some sort. This are loose this year, rather than in their own package.

This box contained:

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2020 Topps Heritage High Numbers Hobby Box Break

This long awaited release makes it out just under the wire to be released in 2020. This follow up to the base Heritage release from early in the year featuring designs from the 1971 Topps design, picks up where the first release left off, with cards numbered 501-725, the last 25 of which are Short Prints. We get the expected insert sets, like Award Winners and Rookie Performers, as well as some new ones like the Let’s Play 2(528) set featuring Ernie Banks.

This release caps a unique year in trading cards, and it’s hard to see things getting back to normal anytime soon. Will more 2020 releases be coming in the new year? These boxes advertise 24 packs of 9 trading cards, with one Real One Autograph or relic card in every box.

This box contained:

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2020 Topps WWE NXT Hobby Box Break

This is an interesting release, as it was delayed greatly from the original target date over the summer to December 30, just barely making it out during 2020. It took a bumpy route toward the end, too. A few weeks before release, Topps canceled the previous configuration, and opened up a new round of orders, for the final configuration.

When the release was first announced, it was going to be boxes of 24 packs with 7 cards per pack, as it has been in years past. This year, that was changed only a few weeks before release. While hobby boxes remained at the same price point with two autographs per box, they now included only 2 packs with 25 cards per pack. While it is nice not having as many packs to open, it feels like a lot of content is missing with so few cards in a box.

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