2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break

The 2015 release represents the tenth year of Topps’ Allen & Ginter offering, and they plan to celebrate it.  Aside from the normal assortment of baseball players, other sport stars, and pop culture figures, buyback cards from the previous nine years are featured, as well.  It does seem a little bit odd to pull a one year old buyback card, paying tribute to the history of the set, which itself is paying tribute to the history of the vintage set.

The set itself is missing a fairly large part of the recent releases, and that is retired players.  It gives the set a different feel.  It’s possible the use of retired players was being a bit over done in recent years, when a player would get more modern cards than he ever did during his career, though.  Also gone, are the SP cards, which had been a staple of the release.  In a year that SPs took on a very very short print definition in Archives, they do away with some of the more accessible SPs from Allen & Ginter.

The box advertises 24 packs, with 8 cards per pack, including 3 hits per box.

This box contained

134 Base (38.2% of set)
11 Base Mini
5 Mini Allen & Ginter
3 Mini Black Border
1 Mini Flag Back
2 First Ladies
1 Birds of Prey
1 Hoist the Black Flag
12 Starting Point
4 Great Scott
3 Ancient Armory
2 Menagerie of the Mind
2 What Once Would Be
1 What Once Was Believed
1 10th Anniversary Issue 2009 Buyback 187 Brett Myers
1 10th Anniversary Issue 2010 Buyback 260 Chris Young
1 10th Anniversary Issue 2014 Buyback Mini Allen & Ginter 305 Jayson Werth
1 Full Size Relic A Matt Carpenter
1 Full Size Relic B David Ortiz
1 Autograph Buck 65

2015 Allen & Ginter 102 James

2015 Allen & Ginter 252 Mike Trout

2015 Allen & Ginter Mini 24 Appomattox Court House

2015 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini 258 Rocky Balboa

2015 Allen & Ginter Flag Back Mini 166 Carlos Gomez

2015 Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini 72 Joe Panik

2015 Allen & Ginter Birds of Prey BP-1 Red-tailed Hawk

2015 Allen & Ginter First Ladies FIRST-7 Anna Harrison

2015 Allen & Ginter Hoist the Black Flag HBF-1 Blackbeard

2015 Allen & Ginter Ancient Armory AA-19 Cutlass

2015 Allen & Ginter Great Scott! GS-4 Large Hadron Collider

2015 Allen & Ginter Menagerie of the Mind MM-11 Zombie

2015 Allen & Ginter Starting Points SP-28 Yoenis Cespedes

2015 Allen & Ginter What Once Was Believed WAS-5 Alchemy

2015 Allen & Ginter What Once Would Be WOULD-10 Lunar Colonization

2015 Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary Issue 2009 187 Brett Myers

2015 Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary Issue 2010 260 Chris Young

2015 Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary Issue 2014 Mini 305 Jayson Werth

2015 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic A FSRA-MCP Matt Carpenter

2015 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B FSRB-DO David Ortiz


2 thoughts on “2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break”

  1. I think Topps realizes that they need to make Ginter eclectic with their bizarre auto checklist as they have in the past and can t get by on the other quality of the product as they did last year.

  2. Allen and ginter can be much better cause the big hits if your lucky are drying up and leaving the product simple and plain to end up in the box you never look at in storage.

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