2015 Topps Heritage WWE Hobby Box

Heritage has been a regular release for Topps baseball for almost two decades now, but its treatment of Wrestling has been pretty spotty. In baseball, they use the style of set from about 50 years before, but for this wrestling release, they go back 30 years. It’s a nice change of pace, and a design you don’t really see featured that often. The base 110 card set features legends, current roster members, as well as some from NXT. You also have some insert sets featuring NXT callups, Rookies of the Year, and others. It’s a fun change of pace set.

The box advertises 24 packs of 9 cards, including 2 hits per box.

This box contained:

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2016 Topps Bunt Hobby Box

This is a new release for Topps, and I don’t think many people really knew what to expect. Bunt is a fairly successful app in which the user can buy virtual packs of cards, while they collect and trade these cards. It features a combination of free packs, but a dedicated player can also spend real money to buy virtual packs and even boxes to get themselves greater chances at the cards they want. Some of these virtual cards are even bought and sold for real money, but they’ve always remained virtual. Now, Topps is making a physical card set to go around with this release.

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2016 Topps Chrome Jumbo Hobby Box Break

The Topps Chrome release has long been an alternative parallel to the flagship Topps set, but this one seems to take it even a little bit further.  The base set is only 200 cards, but then you also see inserts matching the regular base set inserts, as well.  I’m not sure if that’s really necessary.  There are also a lot fewer inserts and parallels than from recent years.  This lack of parallels leaves you with a question of value.  Base cards don’t really seem to get a lot of respect, and now you get more of them.

The jumbo boxes advertise five autographs per box, but there isn’t much else.  The boxes contain 12 packs of 13 cards.

This box contains:

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2016 Topps Allen Ginter Hobby Box Break

One of my favorite releases of the year returns with more of the same.  For me, Allen & Ginter almost isn’t a baseball card set, as much as an everything set.  Sure, the set’s primary focus has always been baseball, but you also get an assortment of various other champions and unique insert sets.  You can even find from movie characters this time.

It seems to me there is less flair this year than normal, however, for some reason.  Maybe I’ve grown accustomed to more inserts or variety, but it feels a little lacking in this installment.

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