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2021 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

Once again, June brings us Series 2 of the Topps Flagship release. It picks up right where Series 1 left off, with cards 331-660. Many of the insert sets return from the first series, but some continue with numbering, while others reuse the same numbering. I still can’t see a good reason to do it that way, but they seem to keep it up year after year.

As things start to open up more and more, stadiums now allow full capacity, and people have other things to do with their money, it seems the card market is starting to cool a bit. There doesn’t seem to be a mad dash to throw everything in to cards. Will that make this release more accessible? It may be a while before we really know, especially with some retail outlets discontinuing cards in the stores for now.

A box advertises 10 packs with 46 cards per pack, including 1 autograph and 2 relic cards per jumbo box.

This box contained:

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2021 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

After an interesting 2020 for the hobby, Topps Series 1 represents the first major release of the new year. Last year was plagued with releases being hard to come by and immediately shooting up in price. In many cases, Topps took advantage of this by raising their prices, to get a bigger piece of that pie. The price for this release, before reaching the secondary market is up significantly. Is it worth it?

I supposed that really depends on your collecting goals. If you’re collecting only a certain player or team, you’re probably better off buying singles or team sets. More and more, sealed packs are becoming expensive lottery tickets, chasing the big hits rather than collecting the cards within. Will you get your money’s worth out of a box? Probably not.

This release features a 330 card base set, along with a number of parallels and inserts. There are a lot of short print variations available, as well. Following on recent trends, this year Topps is printing an insert series in the style of their 1986 release. It comes in both regular inserts, as well as the “silver pack” bonus cards in the top of the box. In addition to this extra cards, there is also another Box Topper included, in the style of a 1951 MLB All Star. A box contains 10 packs of 46 cards each, while advertising 1 autograph and 2 relic cards.

This box contained:

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2020 Topps Update Jumbo Hobby Box Break

In an unusual year, we should have always expected an unusual Update set. Normally, this release will feature players traded during the season and mid year call ups. We often see unexpected rookies make their debut in this set, as well as cards featuring the current year’s All Stars. This year, that all changes.

With the condensed season, there wasn’t as much time for in season trades. There also wasn’t an All Star Game this season. That all leads to a unique Update Series. While normally reserved for special SPs, the base set incorporates a number of retired stars this time, showcasing their All Star and Home Run Derby appearances. We also see the continuation of many insert sets from series 1 and 2, including the 1985 design set.

There are still many rookies, but not many that draw the same excitement as recent years. A jumbo box contains ten packs with forty-six cards per pack. Each box advertises one autograph and two relic cards. In addition to that, there are three box topper packs. Two contain chrome versions of the 1985 insert set, and the other contains something a little bit different. It is a full size cloth patch printed with a normal card front. The players also seem raised on this card.

This box contained:

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2020 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

This release comes at a strange time in 2020. Normally, the season has been rolling along for almost three months, and some new rookies have started to emerge. This year, due to the global pandemic, no regular season games have been played by the release date in late June. Summer training will begin the first week of July, with fan free games starting in late July at this point.

The pandemic has caused other problems within the hobby. Many releases such as this one have been delayed, and there seems to be some quality issues while trying to rush and catch up. This release is a continuation of series one, with another 350 card base set, the usual expected parallels, and many of the same insert sets duplicating numbers unfortunately.

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2020 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Hobby Box Break

The first major baseball release of the year tells us the new baseball season is around the corner. This year, it comes out just following the Super Bowl, giving a clean break between sports. It’s that time of year where the new season is filled with hope, for all the teams not located in Detroit.

This year, it’s pretty apparent the production numbers continue to rise. Is that indicative of an increase in collectors? Or something else? It may take some time for us to be sure. The format of the release is the same as recent years. The base set features 350 cards, with a number of insert sets, as well as a set using the design from 1985 Topps. There is also a bit of controversy surrounding this release. In a 350 card base set, there is one single Texas Ranger. That might be understandable in a 100 card base set, but in the Flagship release?

A box advertises 10 packs with 46 cards per pack. It also includes 1 autograph and 2 relic cards. It also comes prepacked with two silver packs containing 1985 Topps Chrome variants, and an oversized Turkey Red card.

This box contained:

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