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The print run continues to decline with Wave 7 of Topps Total. This release has a run of 3653 packs. This wave leads off with Kris Bryant and features stars and rookies such as Keston Hiura, Manny Machado, and David Price.

The one advantage of the smaller print runs is that the parallels are slightly more likely, although none are guaranteed with pack purchase. There are some possibly autographs, but they were not advertised before the purchase window completed.

This pack contained:

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The print run for wave 6 is down more than 200 packs from wave 5. This run leads off with Christian Yelich and includes other big names like Justin Upton and JD Martinez. It’s a well known format by this point, including possible parallels and very rare autographs.

I haven’t seen print runs mentioned on the autographs, but they seem rarer than any of the numbered parallels, and only have a few subjects.

This pack contained:

10 Base cards

2019 Topps Total #509 Matt Carpenter
2019 Topps Total #518 Corey Dickerson
2019 Topps Total #529 Starling Marte
2019 Topps Total #546 JD Martinez
2019 Topps Total #552 Nicky Lopez RC
2019 Topps Total #558 Carlos Rodon
2019 Topps Total #564 Jose Alvarado
2019 Topps Total #580 Domingo German
2019 Topps Total #586 Wade LeBlanc
2019 Topps Total #591 Eric Sogard

2020 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box Break

Topps Opening Day is being released just about a week before when Opening Day for major league baseball was originally scheduled to happen. Due to a worldwide pandemic, that event is not going to happen as scheduled. All major sports were shut down for the time being, while Americans are being advised to avoid even minimal sized crowds. The start of the major league season has been indefinitely postponed, and it’s clear it will not happen any time soon, now.

It’s not clear what future releases will look like at this point, but Opening Day was released on time. This release follows the standard format. This smaller set is uses this year’s flagship design, with a more accessible price tag. It averages about one insert per pack, There are parallels, but not to the same extent as many of the other releases. This is also one of the few products to not guarantee any sort of hit in a box. That’s not to say there aren’t some available, but they are generally very rare. That’s one of the big trade offs for having the low price tag.

A box advertises 36 packs with 7 cards per pack.

This box contained:

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