2017 Topps Fire Blaster Box Break

This is a release I wasn’t very sure about going in. I’m generally not a big fan of the gimmicky releases like this. After opening a box, I still don’t think it’s quite for me, but the online pictures don’t really do the cards justice. They do look a lot better in hand than in any pictures I’ve seen. The parallels leave something to be desired, though, as they don’t seem to match up to their names very well.

The fact that these are Target exclusives also doesn’t really appeal to me, but they seem to be easier to find than many Walmart exclusives are.

The blaster box advertises 46 cards inside (7 packs + 1 Gold Minted pack). There are no guaranteed hits.

This box contained:

35 Base (17.5% of set)
2 Base Flame Parallel
1 Base Orange Parallel
4 Base Gold Minted Parallel
1 Golden Grabs Gold Minted
2 Monikers Gold Minted
1 Walk It Off Gold Minted

2017 Topps Fire #110 Miguel Cabrera

2017 Topps Fire #114 Ryne Sandberg

2017 Topps Fire Red Flame #80 Raimel Tapia RC

2017 Topps Fire Orange #112 Didi Gregorius

2017 Topps Fire Gold Minted #180 Nolan Ryan

2017 Topps Fire Golden Grabs Gold Minted #GG-19 Kevin Pillar

2017 Topps Fire Monikers Gold Minted #M-18 Mike Moustakas

2017 Topps Fire Walk It Off Gold Minted #WO-12 Brian Dozier

One thought on “2017 Topps Fire Blaster Box Break”

  1. It’s important to realize that 2017 Topps Fire Baseball is issued through Target locations and is fairly basic as a result. However, it does exhibit a more beefy retail offering of cards, including multiple parallels, inserts and hits. This means more designs, as well.

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