2020 Topps Archives Hobby Box Break

We see another regular release during the great trading card boom. Recent releases seem to immediately shoot up in price. People are going to retail outlet and clearing the shelves to resell blaster boxes at three times the normal price online. Will that continue with Archives? That’s not clear, yet, but I suspect not. While Archives may contain some of the new rookies, the hits are primarily focused on retired players from years gone by.

It’s early, but so far, this release doesn’t seem to have the same bump. Is the bubble starting to slow down a bit? Or is this a one-off because it’s not rookie focused? Time will tell. It’s still difficult to find at retail, but that is often the case during the first week or release. Some people claim that no product being available is a great sign for the hobby, but I don’t think so. If you spend a few minutes online, it’s very clear that product is selling out because people are trying to resell it for an inflated price, rather than actually collect the product. That’s anything but good for the hobby. If product is not available, people are going to end up not buying any. After a few releases where someone can’t find any product to buy, why would they want to keep looking?

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2020 Topps Total Wave 6 Pack Break

This release ticks up just a bit from the print run of wave 5 with 3059 packs. The errors once again return in this wave, with every card seemingly having an error on it. To begin with, there are three cards that feature a different player on the back than they do on the front. In addition to that, the text on the back of the cards mention “The 2019 Topps Total set”, rather than the 2020 set as the rest of the waves have to this point.

By now, the release pattern is very well known. The wave contains one hundred cards, along with red, black, and gold parallels. There are also a handful of autographs and retired legends included, but there are no specific odds given for those. Each pack contains 10 cards, unless there is a parallel, autograph, or retired legend, which is included as an extra card.

This pack contained:

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