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2018 Bowman Blaster Box Break

While 2017 was the year of Judge, it didn’t start quite as early as it has this year.  2018 has seen Ohtani being even more sought after.  We saw it a bit with Heritage, but now with the Bowman release, Ohtani-mania is in full effect.  Normally, we’d have a hobby box to break, but we’re seeing prices double and nearly triple the normal price around release time.  That’s way too out of hand, for what is essentially hoping for the lottery ticket of an Ohtani autograph.   That one card is the only way to really have a chance at getting value out of a box.


Retail is still the regular price, if you can find it.  As a result of Hobby being so expensive, even retail is getting scooped up and often resold at a higher price.  You have a lot tougher odds on inserts and parallels, but for many, retail is going to be the only option to open Bowman packs this year.

There are other rookies available as usual in Bowman, but they all seem overshadowed this year.  This release is pretty standard fare for Bowman at this point.   You have a 100 card base set, featuring some veterans and some rookies, along side the prospects paper and chrome insert sets, which is the meat of the release.  These feature 150 prospects.   Some are well known, and some really aren’t.   I guess that’s part of the beauty of Bowman.  You won’t really know how good a release it was for a few years.  Which future stars may be hiding in this release?

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2017 Topps Fire Blaster Box Break

This is a release I wasn’t very sure about going in. I’m generally not a big fan of the gimmicky releases like this. After opening a box, I still don’t think it’s quite for me, but the online pictures don’t really do the cards justice. They do look a lot better in hand than in any pictures I’ve seen. The parallels leave something to be desired, though, as they don’t seem to match up to their names very well.

The fact that these are Target exclusives also doesn’t really appeal to me, but they seem to be easier to find than many Walmart exclusives are.

The blaster box advertises 46 cards inside (7 packs + 1 Gold Minted pack). There are no guaranteed hits.

This box contained:

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2017 Topps WWE Women’s Division Blaster Box Break

Unlike the recent NXT release, this one is a true retail exclusive for Walmart.   The blaster box has a similar configuration to the NXT retail offering, with a single pack inside, but this one offering 81 cards, including one hit.   The set also follows with same base insert format with a 50 card roster set, and a 50 card Matches & Moments set, broken up between NXT and WWE.

This looks like a fun set, combining current women wrestlers and future stars from NXT, with some legends from past years.

This box contained:

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2017 Topps WWE NXT Blaster Box Break

This feels like a bit of a different release.  I remember seeing a lot about the Hobby Boxes for this, mentioning one autograph per pack, in a ten pack box.  There were only seven cards per pack, and the boxes were priced as you’d expect for that many autographs.  I didn’t really expect to see it pop up for a reasonable base price at retail.  If you’re a set collector, retail is definitely the way to go.  While a hobby box would get you 70 cards, 10 of which are autographs for almost $200, a blaster box gets you 72 cards + 1 relic for normal blaster pricing.

There isn’t really a standard base set here.  Instead, you get two different base inserts, Roster Cards and Matches & Moments.  Each of them has a full assortment of parallels, as well.  The box contains one single pack, rather than a number of packs like most blaster boxes seem to have.

This box contained:

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2016 Topps WWE Divas Revolution Blaster Box Break

This is a unique release at least in recent years. In honor of the Divas Revolution of the last year and a half, Topps has released a set featuring the current Women Superstars, NXT stars, as well as headliners of the past. It’s a small set with 43 cards and various inserts and parallels. It does seem to be missing one current superstar who sort of began the Women’s Revolution, in Paige. She seems to be on shaky standing with the company, but is still appearing regularly in Total Divas.

That aside, it’s a fun little set. It’s a retail exclusive available only at Walmart, and seems to slowly trickle out, depending on the area. The box contains a single pack, and advertises 51 cards, including one autograph or relic per box.

This box contained:

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