2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break

The 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter release follows the same pattern that we’ve come to expect.  It features old time players, current players, and an assortment of pop culture figures, things, and places.  I’ve heard some rumbling about how some of the relics available in the release are not actually real (like one from the Kraken!), but they seem popular none the less.

The set is the same format once again, containing 300 Base cards and an additional 50 SPs (301-350).  Unlike a lot of other releases, while these SPs are shorter, they’re still attainable falling one in every two packs.  You’ll also find a random assortment of insert sets featuring the likes of the World’s Hottest Peppers, the World’s Greatest Beaches, and Baseball Equipment of the Ages.

Allen & Ginter seems to really polarize collectors.  It’s definitely a niche set, but there isn’t much middle ground.  People seem to either love the variety, or hate it for the silliness.   That seems fine to me.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, try a box sometimes.  Just don’t go in expecting too serious a product.  There are plenty of those already throughout the year.

A Hobby Box advertises 24 packs with 8 cards per pack, although packs with thicker hits will have fewer cards.  There are also three hits per box.

This box contained:

125 Base (41.7% of 300 card set)
12 Base SP (24% of 50 base SPs)
10 Base Mini
5 Base Mini Allen & Ginter Back
2 Base Mini Black Border
1 Base Mini No Number
1 Home Run Derby Challenge card
4 Baseball Equipment of the Ages
6 Fantasy Goldmine
4 Magnificent Moons
4 World’s Greatest Beaches
6 World Talent
2 Flags of Lost Nations
1 Baseball Superstitions
1 Indigenous Heroes
1 MS Dennis The Rash
1 The World’s Hottest Peppers
1 Full Sized Relics B David Price
1 Mini Framed Relics Adam Jones
1 Mini Framed Autographs Dillon Peters

2018 Allen & Ginter #18 Bullpen Car

2018 Allen & Ginter #123 John Smoltz

2018 Allen & Ginter #145 Genie Bouchard

2018 Allen & Ginter #341 Rickey Henderson SP

2018 Allen & Ginter Mini #233 Roger Clemens

2018 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini #184 Andrew McCutchen

2018 Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini #101 Matt Kemp

2018 Allen & Ginter No Number Mini #204 Samesong Park

2018 Topps Home Run Challenge #HRC-JM J.D. Martinez

2018 Allen & Ginter Baseball Equipment of the Ages #BEA-19 Pitch Counter

2018 Allen & Ginter Fantasy Goldmine #FG-32 Ty Cobb

2018 Allen & Ginter Magnificent Moons #MM-2 Europa Jupiter

2018 Allen & Ginter World's Greatest Beaches #WGB-2 Bora Bora

2018 Allen & Ginter World Talent #WT-7 Jose Quintana

2018 Allen & Ginter Flags of Lost Nations #FLN-5 United Arab Republic

2018 Allen & Ginter Baseball Superstitions #MBS-5 Leaping over the Foul line

2018 Allen & Ginter Indigenous Heroes #MIH-15 Will Rogers

2018 Allen & Ginter The World's Hottest Peppers #WHP-9 Komodo Dragon

2018 Allen & Ginter Mini Set #MS-3 Dennis the Rash

2018 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B #FSRB-DP David Price

2018 Allen & Ginter Framed Relic #MFR-AJ Adam Jones

2018 Allen & Ginter Autograph Framed #MA-DP Dillon Peters RC

2018 Allen & Ginter Oversized Box Loaders #BL-4 Aaron Judge

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