2018 Topps Big League Hobby Box Break

We’re looking at a new release from Topps in Big League.  It comes in at a lower price point than most releases and focuses on the base set.  In one of the larger single series base set, Topps Big League arrives at 400 cards.  There are only a limited number of insert sets, and a small amount of parallels.

It seems to be a pretty basic, but fun set.  It’s primarily current players, but has a few legends mixed in, as well as an interesting subset featuring Ballpark Landmarks.  The Ballpark Landmarks are part of the base set, but there is an additional subset showing players in their Player’s Weekend jerseys, with their nicknames.  That seems to be more of a VAR SP for the base set, but the odds state you should get many of these per box.

While autographs are available, this is not a hit driven release.  Autographs fall once in almost every five boxes.   It will be interesting to see how this release does.  With rare autographs, it should stick around at reasonable prices, unlike a lot of the products this year.

The box is advertised as 24 packs of 10 cards, with no guaranteed hit.

This box contained:

199 Base
24 Base Gold parallels
1 Base Rainbow Foil Parallel
8 Base Player’s Weekend
4 Ministers of Mash
3 Star Caricature Reproductions
1 Autograph Gold Aaron Altherr

2018 Topps Big League #91 Anthony Rizzo

2018 Topps Big League #197 Kyle Schwarber

2018 Topps Big League #199 Paul DeJong

2018 Topps Big League #319 Stephen Strasburg / Max Scherzer / Clayton Kershaw Stat King

2018 Topps Big League #351 Bricks Ivy BL

2018 Topps Big League #369 Ronald Acuna Jr. RC

2018 Topps Big League Gold #240 Max Scherzer

2018 Topps Big League Rainbow Foil #307 Odubel Herrera / Daniel Murphy / Nolan Arenado Stat Kings

2018 Topps Big League #104 Jose Altuve VAR SP Players Weekend

2018 Topps Big League Ministers of Mash #MI-9 Kris Bryant

2018 Topps Big League Star Caricature Reproductions #SCR-PG Paul Goldschmidt

2018 Topps Big League Autograph Gold #BLA-AA Aaron Altherr

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