2001 Topps Heritage Retail Box Break Throwback

We’re reaching back in time a bit today, to take a look at the beginning of Topps Heritage.  It’s turned in to a fan favorite over the years, but in the beginning, was anyone really sure what to expect?   This release used the same design as the 1952 Topps release.

In a way, it was a simpler time, before new releases of the hot rookie selling for $30k.  While hits existed, it was before the time where hits really drove the product.   Many of the now regular inserts were around for this first release, but they were not nearly as plentiful as today.  These packs advertise autographs with odds of 1:142 and even Clubhouse Collection Relics at 1:592 packs.   This is not the box to chase after hits.

The set featured 407 cards to parallel the original Topps release, the last 97 of which were Short Printed to mimic that 1952 set.  The box includes 24 pack, with 8 cards per pack.   There is a piece of gum in each pack, wrapped in a plastic wrapper.  The seal on this internal wrapper is not foolproof, however, and I pulled a couple of gum damaged cards from the same pack.  It had seeped through one card completely to a second card.

This box contained:

161 Base (122 different 39.4% of base set), 2 gum stained
16 Base SP (16.5%)
6 Base Checklists
11 Base Black Back
1 Chrome
2 Classic Renditions
1 New Age Performers
1 Then and Now

2001 Topps Heritage #237 Will Clark

2001 Topps Heritage #300 Vladimir Guerrero

2001 Topps Heritage #383 Rey Ordonez SP

2001 Topps Heritage Black Back #16 Andres Galarraga

2001 Topps Heritage Checklists #1 Checklist 1 of 2

2001 Topps Heritage Chrome #CP20 Darin Erstad

2001 Topps Heritage Classic Renditions #CR2 Nomar Garciaparra

2001 Topps Heritage New Age Performers #NAP6 Chipper Jones

2001 Topps Heritage Then and Now #TH6 Jackie Robinson / Alex Rodriguez

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