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2015 Topps Stadium Club Hobby Box Break

After last year’s returning Stadium Club release was met less than enthusiastically at the release price, Topps seems to have gone back to the drawing board for this release, and the results do not disappoint.

Last year, the cards were rather flimsy, but the first thing you notice opening a pack this year, is that the cards feel like Stadium Club.  They have the thicker glossy feel of the original Stadium Club releases in the 90s.  It’s still updated to include multiple parallels and insert sets, as well as two autographs per box.  It’s not a perfect release, though.  I don’t care for the black and white parallel of a set already containing some black and white photography, for instance, but the good seems to far outweigh the bad.

This box advertises 16 packs of 8 cards, with each pack containing one insert or parallel.  The box contains two on-card autographs.  This box contained:

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2015 Topps Archives Hobby Box Break

Topps changed up the Archives release a little bit this year.  Once again, it is a familiar set up with three vintage designs used in the main set, 1957, 1976, and 1983.  The base set has 300 cards, with an additional 30 SPs, bringing the full set to 330.  Unlike previous years, the SPs are a much more difficult pull.  In previous years, they were available in roughly 1:4 packs.  This year, it’s moved to 1:77!  Well, so much for making a full set.


The main inserts have a 1990 Topps theme, but there are also Will Ferrell cards mixed in, commemorating his spring training adventure.


The box features 24 packs of 8 cards, with two on card autographs per box.

This box contained:

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2015 Donruss Series 1 Hobby Box Break

Back this year, after a successful 2014 is a base Donruss release from Panini.  I was skeptical last year, as many seemed to be, but the release became a popular nostalgic release.  Currently, Topps has an exclusive license with Major League Baseball to use team names and logos in their product, but they do not have exclusive rights to the players.  This release is MLBPA licensed, though, so you will see your favorite players and cities, but no team names or logos.  I’d prefer it had the full license, but I’ll take whatever alternative we can get right now.

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2015 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break

The 2015 Topps Heritage release pays tribute to the 1966 Topps edition. It’s not one of my more favorite sets, so I’m less excited this year, but it still does what it sets out to do. Once again, the release pays homage to the original set, containing short prints in the style of original errors, as well as the style of subsets. There are even a couple of surprises this year, including the “gum stain” cards, which even have a faint scent of bubble gum.

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2015 Topps WWE Hobby Box Break

Following in the pattern of recent years, the 2015 wwe release once again follows the style of the regular baseball release for the year.  It gives the set a more main stream feel, rather than just being relegated to the non-sport category.

This was originally advertised with two hits per box, but the box itself does not mention how many.  Each box contains 24 packs of 7 cards, but some hits are thicker, so there may be fewer cards.  Autographs seem to fall roughly one in every two boxes, while the remaining hits consist of shirt, mat, sign and athletic tape relics, along with Diva Kiss Cards.

This box:
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