2019 Topps Holiday Mega Box Break

This is a new release for me, despite it being around for the past few years. I was aware it existed, but it never really interested me. I’m not sure how much was because I just wasn’t aware of what it was, and how much was because of the after season timing. Once I saw the cards this year, I knew I wanted to explore them a little more.

The base cards for the set feature the regular flagship design, but the borders include a clear holiday theme. It’s much more than just a snowflake variation now. It’s a fun diversion, and fills a cheaper price point, similar to Opening Day. These were released as a Walmart exclusive, which is including in much of the set numbering.

The base set is 200 cards, coming with two additional parallels. There are also three levels of variations available, short prints, rares, and super rares. Each box contains 10 packs of 10 cards, including one hit, which is a relic or autograph. The main relic set are still jersey cards, but feature a holiday themed image. There is also a much more limited relic set, featuring players with holiday or Christmas relics. Also, like in Allen & Ginter, you can find very rare “faux” relics from mythical characters.

This box contained:

89 Base (44.5% of 200 card set)
2 Base SP
1 Base Rare
5 Base Metallic Parallels
1 Relic Card Jon Lester

2019 Topps Holiday #HW197 Kris Bryant
2019 Topps Holiday #HW126 Fernando Tatis Jr. RC
2019 Topps Holiday Metallic #HW65 Joey Votto
2019 Topps Holiday #HW26 Anthony Rizzo VAR SP (Wearing Scarf)
2019 Topps Holiday #HW160 Carter Kieboom RC VAR SP (Santa Hat)
2019 Topps Holiday #HW148 Aaron Judge VAR RARE (Snowman)
2019 Topps Holiday Relics #WHR-JL Jon Lester

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