2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break

The original planned release for these cards was pushed back from a July release into mid August. That’s not a drastic change, but it does put it after the MLB trade deadline. That was one of the things that jumped out, when seeing recently traded players on their old teams. This happens all the time with late summer releases, however, as there’s just not enough lead time to fix them.

This release doesn’t change very much year to year, and even the base design looks very similar. It feels like this year there is less non sport fun included, but that may just be because of the choice of subjects. One thing that stood out as unusual was the collation. Normally, in a hobby box like this, you are unlikely to find duplicates. This time, two of the limited inserts ended up being duplicates. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s surprising to see.

A box contains 24 packs, with 8 cards per pack. It also advertises 3 hits, which can include autographs, relic cards, rip cards, printing plates, and book cards.

This box contained:

126 Base (42% of 300 card set)
12 Base SPs (24% of 50 card SP set)
10 Base Mini Parallels
6 Base Mini Ginter Back Parallels
3 Base Mini Black Border Parallels
4 Arboreal Appreciation
2 Birds of a Feather (Duplicate)
4 Deep Sea Shiver
6 Historical Hits
6 T51 Murad
2 Rallying Back (Duplicate)
2 Far Far Away
2 Mascots in Real Life
1 World’s Largest
1 N43 Boxloader
1 Full Size Relics B Eric Hosmer
1 Full Size Relics B Max Muncy
1 Full Size Relic A Andrew McCutchen

2021 Allen & Ginter #160 Ty Cobb
2021 Allen & Ginter #285 Alyssa Nakken
2021 Allen & Ginter #332 Mo Vaughn SP
2021 Allen & Ginter Mini #197 Don Mattingly
2021 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini #288 Alan Trammell
2021 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini #288 Alan Trammell
2021 Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini #160 Ty Cobb
2021 Allen & Ginter Arboreal Appreciation #AA-8 Cherry Tree
2021 Allen & Ginter Birds of a Feather #BOF-8 Green-Wing Macaw
2021 Allen & Ginter Deep Sea Shiver #DSS-15 SILVERTIP Shark
2021 Allen & Ginter Historical Hits #HH-3 Reggie Jackson
2021 Allen & Ginter T51 Murad #MR-31 Babe Ruth
2021 Allen & Ginter Rallying Back #RB-7 White Rhino
2021 Allen & Ginter Far Far Away #FFA-6 Caldwell 42
2021 Allen & Ginter Mascots in Real Life #MMI-19 Brewer
2021 Allen & Ginter The World's Largest #MWL-4 General Sherman Tree
2021 Allen & Ginter N43 #N43-4 Pete Alonso
2021 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B #AGA-EHO Eric Hosmer
2021 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B #AGA-MMU Max Muncy
2021 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic A #AGA-AM Andrew McCutchen

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