2020 Topps 206 Series 3 Hobby Pack Break

Series three of the Topps 206 release changes things up a little bit. In an homage to the original T206 cards, which included some minor league players, Topps includes a number of up and coming prospects in their set. This waves has a lower print run than the previous two, which isn’t really a surprise given the checklist. While there are some top prospects, there are also many who are not as familiar at this point. Maybe they will eventually make a name for themselves, but right now, they’re not really driving the print run.

At 28,225 packs, the print run is smaller. The still represents a lot of each card, however. It does make it a bit easier to find limited parallels. Each box contains a single pack of ten cards, which includes two Piedmont back parallels.

This box contained:

8 Base Cards (16% of 50 card set)
2 Base Piedmont Back Parallels

2020 Topps 206 # Joey Bart

2020 Topps 206 # Joey Bart Back
2020 Topps 206 # Brett Baty
2020 Topps 206 # Spencer Howard
2020 Topps 206 # Josh Jung
2020 Topps 206 # Trevor Larnach
2020 Topps 206 # Luis Patino
2020 Topps 206 # Nate Pearson
2020 Topps 206 # Adley Rutschman
2020 Topps 206 Piedmont # Ryan Mountcastle
2020 Topps 206 Piedmont # Ryan Mountcastle
2020 Topps 206 Piedmont # Andrew Vaughn

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