2019 Topps WWE NXT Hobby Box Break

When the new television deal was announced for NXT, this set took on a little bit more meaning. Before now, NXT has been a brand exclusively on the WWE Network. It was well received, but perhaps didn’t have as large an audience. That has all changed, but will that mean a bigger market for the cards? Time will tell on that.

It feels like an unusual release. It has a similar configuration to other recent wrestling releases, included a set of matches and moments, as well as one of the roster. There are 100 matches and moments, and a separately numbered 50 roster cards. Only the matches and moments have parallels, which makes it seem the primary base set. There are no other “non-hit” inserts included in this release. It also seems a bit strange that, while included in the roster cards, the women are not featured in the matches and moments portion.

A box advertises 24 packs with 7 cards per pack. It also includes 2 autographs per box, although there have been reports of some boxes containing 5 autographs instead.

This box included:

104 Base (100% of 100 card set)
12 Base Bronze Parallels
1 Base Blue Parallel
1 Base Silver Parallel
48 Roster cards (96% of 50 card set)
1 Autograph Keith Lee
1 Autograph Bronze Mia Yim

2019 Topps WWE NXT #52 WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne vs. NXT North American Champion Ricochet
2019 Topps WWE NXT #95 WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER def. Pete Dunne - NXT
2019 Topps WWE NXT Bronze #84 Adam Cole Becomes the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship - NXT
2019 Topps WWE NXT Blue #69 Dominik Dijakovic Makes His Debut - NXT
2019 Topps WWE NXT Silver #86 NXT Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders def. Aleister Black & Ricochet - NXT
2019 Topps WWE NXT Roster #21 Johnny Gargano
2019 Topps WWE NXT Roster #42 Toni Storm
2019 Topps WWE NXT Autograph #A-KL Keith Lee 1st NXT
2019 Topps WWE NXT Autograph Bronze #A-MY Mia Yim 1st NXT

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