2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break

This is one of my favorite every year. I like the baseball focus, but with the inclusion of a lot of randomness. It feels like there is a little bit less of that this time around. Dreams of Blue Ribbons is a step in that direction, but the rest seem fairly normal.

This year, there were apparently some distribution problems. While many people still received the product on release day, it took until the following Monday for me to be able to get it. While waiting for it to arrive, another product was brought to my attention that I may have to look at. It seems it has a lot of what I like about Allen & Ginter, but I’ll have to see for myself.

The format for this release is well known by now, and hasn’t really changed in many years. The base set of 300 cards mostly features baseball players, but a number of other pop culture personalities are included as well. After the base 300 cards, there are an additional 50 SPs, but they’re numbered 351-400 this year. There are no cards numbered 301-350. The SPs fall at a much more accessible rate than many other products, with a box usually containing 12.

There are 24 packs containing 8 cards in each box. A box advertises three hits, but no guarantee if any will be an autograph or what they may be.

This box contained:

125 Base (41% of 300 card set)
12 Base SP (24% of 50 card SP set)
11 Base Minis
6 Base Mini A&G Back
3 Base Mini Black Bordered
6 Baseball Star Signs
6 Ginter Greats
4 History of Flight
4 Incredible Equipment
4 Mares & Stallions
1 Chugging Along
2 Collectible Canines
1 Dreams of Blue Ribbons
1 Full Sized Relics A Orlando Arcia
1 Full Sized Relics B Kyle Schwarber
1 Rip Cards Justin Verlander 17/75
1 N43 Box Loader Kris Bryant

2019 Allen & Ginter #161 Sister Mary Jo Sobieck
2019 Allen & Ginter #113 Al Kaline
2019 Allen & Ginter #399 Tim Raines SP
2019 Allen & Ginter Mini #10 Mike Trout
2019 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini #400 Randy Johnson SP
2019 Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini #100 Ken Griffey Jr.
2019 Allen & Ginter Baseball Star Signs #BSS-48 Max Scherzer
2019 Allen & Ginter Ginter Greats #GG-2 Ernie Banks
2019 Allen & Ginter The History of Flight #HOF-3 Demoiselle Monoplane
2019 Allen & Ginter Incredible Equipment #IE-4 Paul Bunyan's Axe
2019 Allen & Ginter Mares & Stallions #MS-13 Irish Cob Horse
2019 Allen & Ginter Chugging Along #CA-13 Long-Distance Train
2019 Allen & Ginter Collectible Canines #CC-19 Corgi
2019 Allen & Ginter Dreams of Blue Ribbons #DBR-2 Chili Pepper Eating Contest
2019 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic A #FSRA-OA Orlando Arcia
2019 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B #FSRB-KS Kyle Schwarber
2019 Allen & Ginter Rip Card Not Ripped #RIP-93 Justin Verlander
2019 Allen & Ginter N43 #N43-3 Kris Bryant

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