2019 Topps Opening Day Box Break

Opening Day fills an interesting role within the hobby. It’s never been about the big hit or the hot rookie. Instead, it focuses on fun inserts and a reasonable price point. There are hits in the product, but you are not guaranteed one in a box. You chase cards of the mascots and team celebrations, rather than the next big thing.

The release doesn’t really get the attention it deserves. It’s not flashy, but it offers a nice alternative to the other pricey releases. The cards feature the same design as the flagship release, but include an Opening Day logo and different pictures.

A box advertises 36 packs with 7 cards per pack. There are no guaranteed hits.

This box contained:

213 Base (173 different of 200 – 86.5%)
3 Base Blue Foil Parallel
9 Mascots
5 Opening Day Scenes
4 Team Traditions & Celebrations
18 150 Years of Fun

2019 Topps Opening Day #187 Evan Longoria
2019 Topps Opening Day #128 Juan Soto
2019 Topps Opening Day Blue Foil #30 Eugenio Suarez
2019 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M-3 Clark
2019 Topps Opening Day Opening Day #ODB-AD Arizona Diamondbacks
2019 Topps Opening Day Team Traditions & Celebrations #TTC-CS California Spectacular
2019 Topps Opening Day 150 Years of Fun #YOF-1 Ty Cobb

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