Throwback 1994 Topps Series 2 Wax Box Break

There’s a bit of a lull right now for baseball releases, so it’s a good time to step back in time and open an older release. The lucky winner is 1994 Topps Series 2.

This is just as cards were getting a little more modern. Gone were the plain cardboard backs, and in were the glossies finish cards, with full pictures on the back as well. This wasn’t the first year of a glossier finish, but it was still relatively new, and a big step up from the 80s releases. While it was impressive at the time, it causes problems almost 25 years later.

While it is certainly not a unique problem to this release, many of the cards were stuck together inside the packs. There are numerous tutorials online suggesting ways to solve this problem, and we tried a couple of different methods. None of them were 100% effective. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re planning to open these releases. There’s no real high dollar card in this release, but I can’t imagine it would be very fun to pull a great card, only to find it damaged inside a mint pack.

There were no real hits to speak of in Topps at this time, but there were some inserts and parallels. The gold parallels were still relatively new, but becoming a mainstay of the releases. The box advertises one gold card per pack, but they are not serial numbered. Also available as an insert is the Black Gold series, which had been seen in previous years. Rounding out the inserts is a limited parallel of the new Finest release for the year.

A box contains 36 packs with 12 cards per pack.

This box contained:

385 Base (312 different of 396 card set – 78.8%)
60 of those Base were damaged
44 Base Gold parallels (More than advertised)
1 Black Gold
2 Topps Finest Preproduction

1994 Topps #400 Ken Griffey Jr
1994 Topps #600 Don Mattingly
1994 Topps #603 Wade Boggs ST
1994 Topps #772 Russ Davis / Brien Taylor
1994 Topps Gold #675 Roberto Alomar
1994 Topps Gold #605 Barry Bonds ST
1994 Topps Black Gold #36 David Justice
1994 Topps Finest Preproduction #31 Steve Finley
<a href=" "1994 “>1994 Topps Finest Preproduction #185 Paul Sorrento

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