2018 Topps WWE Heritage Hobby Box Break

Topps WWE Heritage follows a similar pattern to baseball, but it is not quite as constrained.  While baseball follows year by year, 50 years in the past, baseball seems to skip around a little bit not.  In recent years, we’ve seen 1985 style, leading to 1986 and 1987.  This year, however, they skip 1988 and go right to 1989.  They even add in a little surprise.

While it was in the middle of the junk wax era, the 1989 Topps design is still pretty popular for it’s clean layout. It really brings something to this release.  The base contains 110 cards, plus an additional 9 updated roster cards, found only in retail.  The original design for team leaders is including as an insert set consisting of tag teams and stables.  We also see a small insert set for 2017 Rookies.  Perhaps the best part is an insert set I didn’t expect.  The set features legends on the Topps Big style from that period.  It really adds something to the set, with a design that doesn’t feel as overused as a lot of the others.

A box advertises 24 packs of 6 cards each.  This includes two hits per box, with one being an autograph.  The autograph checklist looks to be pretty strong, as well.  We once again get an assortment of shirt and mat relics, along with the continuation of various insert lines from earlier WWE releases this year.

This box contained:

55 Base cards (50% of 110 card set)
12 Base Bronze Parallel
1 Base Gold Parallel
48 Big Legends
4 Hall of Fame Tributes
8 Top Ten Rookies
12 Tag Teams And Stables
1 TLC Authentic Mat Relic Seth Rollins
1 Autograph Mandy Rose

2018 Topps Heritage WWE #36 John Cena

2018 Topps Heritage WWE #44 Liv Morgan

2018 Topps Heritage WWE #58 Paige

2018 Topps Heritage WWE #69 Sasha Banks

2018 Topps Heritage WWE #92 Aleister Black FS

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Bronze #49

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Gold #14 Bobby Roode

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Big Legends #BL-49 Trish Stratus

2018 Topps WWE Hall of Fame Tribute #30 Ric Flair Is Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with The Fou

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Top Ten Rookies #TR-9 Elias

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Tag Teams and Stables #TT-17 The IIconics

2018 Topps Heritage WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Mat Relics #TLC-SR Seth Rollins

2018 Topps Heritage WWE Autograph #A-MR Mandy Rose

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