2018 Donruss Hobby Box Break

Panini Donruss fills an interesting role in the hobby.  Topps has an exclusive contract with Major League Baseball to produce fully licensed trading cards, but that hasn’t stopped Panini from putting out a quality alternative.  There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground as people either really like it or really hate it.  I definitely fall in to the like it category.

Once I got used to the lack of team names and logos, I see the


product for what it is.   This year is a departure from the recent Donruss releases.  You still have many of the fan favorites in Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies, but they’re not SPs anymore.  Another big change is with short print variations.  These are almost as common as regular base,

Once again, Donruss pays tribute to a classic set from the 80s, with a subset featuring players on cards with a design similar to that of 1984 Donruss.

Overall, it’s a fun set, and without the excessive SPs from recent years, it may even be reasonable to collect.

A hobby box advertises 24 packs of 8 cards, and an average of three hits.   This box contained:


25 Base Diamond King
17 Base Rated Rookies
59 Base
3 Multi Player Vertical
3 Multi PLayer Horizontal
21 Base 1984 style
2 Base Blank Back
1 Diamond King Career Stat Line
1 Base Career Stat Line
1 Base Gold Press Proof
51 Base VAR SP
1 Base VAR SP Blank Back
1 American Pride
1 Dominator Blue
1 Foundations Red
1 Long Ball Leaders
1 Promising Pros Materials Pedro Severino
1 Diamond Collection Dinelson Lamet
1 Significant Signatures Wade Boggs

2018 Donruss #1 Anthony Rizzo DK

2018 Donruss #38 Rhys Hoskins RR

2018 Donruss #199 J.D. Martinez

2018 Donruss #202 Greg Maddux / Tom Glavine

2018 Donruss #215 Barry Larkin / Gary Sheffield

2018 Donruss #269 Max Scherzer 1984

2018 Donruss Blank Back #104 Charlie Blackmon

2018 Donruss #110 Al Kaline VAR SP (Kaline)

2018 Donruss #141 Anthony Rizzo VAR SP (Running)

2018 Donruss #253 Aaron Judge 1984 VAR SP (Dark Jersey All Rise)

2018 Donruss Career Stat Line #19 Aaron Judge DK SP

2018 Donruss Career Stat Line #63 J.A. Happ

2018 Donruss Gold Press Proof #88 Luis Castillo

2018 Donruss American Pride #19 Travis Swaggerty

2018 Donruss Dominators Blue #8 Corey Seager

2018 Donruss Foundations Red #1 Cody Bellinger

2018 Donruss Long Ball Leaders #4 Khris Davis

2018 Donruss Promising Pros Material #16 Pedro Severino

2018 Donruss Diamond Collection Relics #24 Dinelson Lamet

2018 Donruss Significant Signatures #1 Wade Boggs

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