2017 Topps WWE Hobby Box Break

The 2017 edition of Topps WWE follows the recent pattern, using the same design as the flagship baseball set. The set is grouped by teams, if you will, as the wrestlers are separated by Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Legends. These are all available in various parallels, as well as a handful with alternative images.

There are a few inserts sets included, as well. The main inserts sets all seem to share a similar design, which I’m not particularly a fan of. It’s a shame, as the content of those sets is interesting, just not the layout.

Each box contains 24 packs of 7 cards, and advertises two hits. The hits once again include Mat relics, shirt relics, manufactured championship belts, and autographs. `

This box contained:

123 Base (100% of 100 card set)
12 Base Bronze
1 Base Blue
6 Breaking Ground
4 John Cena Tribute
6 Stone Cold Podcast
12 Total Divas
1 Free Digital Pack Card
1 Shirt Relic Blue Bray Wyatt
1 Autograph Blue Judy Martin

2017 Topps WWE #17 Finn Balor RC

2017 Topps WWE #36 Alexa Bliss RC

2017 Topps WWE #83 Samoa Joe RC

2017 Topps WWE #86 Shinsuke Nakamura

2017 Topps WWE #97 Kelly Kelly

2017 Topps WWE Bronze #100 Torrie Wilson

2017 Topps WWE Blue #45 Jason Jordan RC

2017 Topps WWE Breaking Ground #9 Sami Zayn Resumes His In-Ring Practice

2017 Topps WWE John Cena Tribute #15 Wins his Second World Tag Team Championship

2017 Topps WWE Stone Cold Podcast #7 AJ Styles

2017 Topps WWE Total Divas #5 Mandy Rose Makes Her Debut

2017 Topps WWE Shirt Swatch Relics Blue Bray Wyatt

2017 Topps WWE Autograph Blue #96 Judy Martin

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