2017 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break

The long time favorite Topps Heritage set is back for another release. This time around, there are some significant changes, though, and I’m not sure they’re all for the better. This year, it parallels the 1968 Topps set, and includes some tributes to errors from that set. Returning are the some of the standard insert sets, including baseball flashbacks, news flashbacks, as well as relics and autographs. These all appear to be much rarer than in past years. Does that mean they will hold more value? Or just be harder to complete a set?

Perhaps the most significant change this year is to the base set SPs. For the past many years, the base set was 1-425, with the SPs being 426-500. This year, the SPs have expanded to 401-500. They still fall one in every three packs. With 100 SPs, though, this means a full case of cards would not have enough SPs, with perfect collation, to complete the set. Is that an improvement?

While there seem to be fewer overall inserts, there are a lot more buybacks. This set features the same line of “Rediscover Topps” buybacks as Series 1, with many included per box.

This box contained:

195 Base (48.75% of Base Set)
8 Base SP
1 Action SP Carlos Correa
1 Base Bright Yellow Back Travis Jankowski
1 Chrome Refractor
3 1968 Topps Game
1 Baseball Flashbacks
1 New Flashbacks
2 New Age Performers
1 Then and Now
1 Rediscover Topps 1974 Bronze Buyback
1 Rediscover Topps 1988 Bronze Buyback
1 Rediscover Topps 1971 Silver Buyback
1 Rediscover Topps 1989 Gold Buyback
1 1968 Topps 3D Noah Syndergaard
1 Clubhouse Collection Relics Joey Votto

2017 Topps Heritage #158 Chicago Cubs WS HL

2017 Topps Heritage #113 Alex Bregman / Yulieski Gurriel RC

2017 Topps Heritage #240 J.D. Martinez

2017 Topps Heritage #400 Clayton Kershaw

2017 Topps Heritage #418 Miguel Cabrera SP

2017 Topps Heritage #371 Kris Bryant Topps News All Stars

2017 Topps Heritage #430 Carlos Correa VAR SP (Action Image)

2017 Topps Heritage Bright Yellow Back #241 Travis Jankowski

2017 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor #THC-430 Carlos Correa

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game #16 Giancarlo Stanton

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Flashbacks #BF-CY Carl Yastrzemski

2017 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks #NF-8 Special Olympics Founded

2017 Topps Heritage New Age Performers #NAP-12 Kris Bryant

2017 Topps Heritage Then and Now #TAN-11 Carl Yastrzemski / Jose Altuve

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps 1974 Buybacks Bronze #213 Dave Rader

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps 1988 Buybacks Bronze #566 Charlie O'Brien

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps 1971 Buybacks Silver #53 Paul Blair

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps 1989 Buybacks Gold #738 Darnell Coles

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps 3D #683D-NS Noah Syndergaard

2017 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics #CCR-JVO Joey Votto

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