2016 Topps Allen Ginter Hobby Box Break

One of my favorite releases of the year returns with more of the same.  For me, Allen & Ginter almost isn’t a baseball card set, as much as an everything set.  Sure, the set’s primary focus has always been baseball, but you also get an assortment of various other champions and unique insert sets.  You can even find from movie characters this time.

It seems to me there is less flair this year than normal, however, for some reason.  Maybe I’ve grown accustomed to more inserts or variety, but it feels a little lacking in this installment.

The boxes advertise 24 packs of 8 cards, with 3 hits per box. Those hits are primarily full sized cards with relics, but also include framed mini relics, printing plates, and framed mini autographs.

This box contained:

128 Base (42.7% of 300)
12 Base SP (24% of 50)
13 Mini
3 A&G Mini
3 Black Mini
2 Ferocious Felines
2 U.S. Mayors
1 Subways & Streetcars
12 The Numbers Game
5 Baseball Legends
5 Natural Wonders
1 Full Size Relic A Jose Abreu (Bat)
1 Full Size Relic B Mike Greenberg
1 Mini Relic Adam Wainwright

2016 Allen & Ginter #216 Hannah Storm Sportscaster

2016 Allen & Ginter #260 Anthony Rizzo

2016 Allen & Ginter #63 Monica Abbott Softball Player

2016 Allen & Ginter #314 Starlin Castro SP

2016 Allen & Ginter Baseball Legends #BL-17 Honus Wagner

2016 Allen & Ginter The Numbers Game #NG-100 Ryne Sandberg

2016 Allen & Ginter Natural Wonders #NW-9 Eye of the Sahara

2016 Allen & Ginter Mini #12 Trevor Story RC

2016 Allen & Ginter Ginter Back Mini #238 Tyler White RC

2016 Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini #107 Matt Stonie Hot Dog Eating Champion

2016 Allen & Ginter Ferocious Felines #FF-9 Classic Tabby

2016 Allen & Ginter Subways & Streetcars #SS-8 Aerial Tram

2016 Allen & Ginter U.S. Mayors #USM-4 Greg Stanton Phoenix, AZ

2016 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic A #FSRA-JA Jose Abreu

2016 Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic B #FSRB-MG Mike Greenberg Sportscaster

2016 Allen & Ginter Framed Relic #AGR-AW Adam Wainwright

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