2016 Donruss Hobby Box Break

It took a couple of years, but it seems the yearly Donruss release is becoming a low key fan favorite. It offers a nice and fun alternative to the Topps baseball monopoly. It would be impossible to dethrone Topps, at least while there is no mlb license, but it still offers a lot of affordable features. I know some people are completely turned off by the idea of no team names and logos, but there is really so much more than that.

Once again, Donruss offers a mix of current players along side recent stars from the 80s and 90s. They also take advantage of the lack of MLB license. What other set do you see featuring Pete Rose? You can even find special San Diego Chicken memorabilia cards!

Like last year, Donruss is once again turning back the clock and featuring designs related to their old sets. This year, it’s 1982. Early Donruss releases were never high on my list, but it’s still fun to see these with modern players.

There are a variety of insert lines, including Elite Series cards continuing a line that first started back in the early 90s. There is definitely a lot to like in the release this year, and it already has me looking forward to the next one.

Hobby Boxes advertise 24 packs of 8 cards, while containing three hits.

133 Base (133/150 88.7%)
4 Base Diamond King SP (4/30 13.3%)
4 Base Rated Rookies SP (4/15 26.7%)
1 Charlie Hustle VAR SP
1 Pink Parallel
2 Career Stat Line Parallels
1 Black Parallel
2 Gold Press Proof Parallels
24 1982 Style Inserts
2 1982 Style Holometric Parallels
1 Rated Rookie Red Die-Cut Parallel
2 Masters of the Game
2 Power Alley
2 The Prospects
2 The Rookies
4 USA Collegiate National Team
1 Elite Dominator
1 Elite Series
1 Bat Kings Rickey Henderson
1 Jersey Kings Archie Bradley
1 New Breed Autographs Brandon Finnegan

2016 Donruss #83 Mike Trout

2016 Donruss #67 Miguel Cabrera

2016 Donruss #22 Andrew McCutchen DK SP

2016 Donruss #32 Corey Seager RR SP

2016 Donruss #187 Pete Rose VAR SP (Charlie Hustle)

2016 Donruss Pink #67 Miguel Cabrera

2016 Donruss Career Stat Line #60 Kris Bryant

2016 Donruss Black #160 Noah Syndergaard

2016 Donruss Gold Press Proof #43 Jose Peraza RR SP

2016 Donruss 1982 Style #D82-14 Carlos Correa

2016 Donruss 1982 Style Holometric #D82-44 Ken Griffey Jr.

2016 Donruss Die-Cut Red #42 Hector Olivera RR SP

2016 Donruss Masters of the Game #MG-8 Randy Johnson

2016 Donruss Power Alley #PA8 Kyle Schwarber

2016 Donruss The Prospects #TP7 Orlando Arcia

2016 Donruss The Rookies #TR1 Kyle Schwarber

2016 Donruss USA Collegiate National Team #USA-17 Ryan Hendrix

2016 Donruss Elite Dominator #ED2 Lorenzo Cain

2016 Donruss Elite Series #ES17 Luis Severino

2016 Donruss Bat Kings #BK-40 Rickey Henderson

2016 Donruss Jersey Kings #JK-6 Archie Bradley

2016 Donruss New Breed Autographs #NB-BF Brandon Finnegan

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