2015 Topps Stadium Club Hobby Box Break

After last year’s returning Stadium Club release was met less than enthusiastically at the release price, Topps seems to have gone back to the drawing board for this release, and the results do not disappoint.

Last year, the cards were rather flimsy, but the first thing you notice opening a pack this year, is that the cards feel like Stadium Club.  They have the thicker glossy feel of the original Stadium Club releases in the 90s.  It’s still updated to include multiple parallels and insert sets, as well as two autographs per box.  It’s not a perfect release, though.  I don’t care for the black and white parallel of a set already containing some black and white photography, for instance, but the good seems to far outweigh the bad.

This box advertises 16 packs of 8 cards, with each pack containing one insert or parallel.  The box contains two on-card autographs.  This box contained:

110 Base (36.7% of set)

6 Base Gold Foil Parallels

2 Base Black Foil Parallels

1 Base Black and White Parallel

2 Contact Sheets

1 Contact Sheets Gold Foil

1 True Colors

1 True Colors Refractor

1 Legends Die-Cuts

1 Triumvirates Luminescent

1 Autograph Aaron Sanchez

1 Autograph Eric Davis


2015 Stadium Club #53 Chipper Jones

2015 Stadium Club #260 Ken Griffey Jr.

2015 Stadium Club #290 Dwight Gooden

2015 Stadium Club Gold Foil #190 Stan Musial

2015 Stadium Club Black Foil #296 Max Scherzer

2015 Stadium Club Black & White #86 Wily Peralta

2015 Stadium Club Contact Sheet #CS-2 Andrew McCutchen

2015 Stadium Club Contact Sheet Gold Foil #CS-21 Joey Votto

2015 Stadium Club Legends Die-Cuts #LDC-01 Babe Ruth

2015 Stadium Club Triumvirates Luminescent #T-4A Jorge Soler RC

2015 Stadium Club True Colors #TCA-04 Roger Clemens

2015 Stadium Club True Colors Refractor #TCA-11 Willie Mays

2015 Stadium Club Autograph #SCA-ASZ Aaron Sanchez

2015 Stadium Club Autograph #SCA-ED Eric Davis

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