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2015 Bowman Series 1 Jumbo Box Break

They’ve changed up the Bowman release a little bit this year, splitting it in to two series. It remains to be seen what Series 2 will bring us. Series 1 has a little bit smaller base set (150 cards) but increased the size of the prospect sets included (also 150).

A Jumbo box advertises 12 packs of 32 cards each, including 3 autograph cards per box.

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2015 Donruss Series 1 Hobby Box Break

Back this year, after a successful 2014 is a base Donruss release from Panini.  I was skeptical last year, as many seemed to be, but the release became a popular nostalgic release.  Currently, Topps has an exclusive license with Major League Baseball to use team names and logos in their product, but they do not have exclusive rights to the players.  This release is MLBPA licensed, though, so you will see your favorite players and cities, but no team names or logos.  I’d prefer it had the full license, but I’ll take whatever alternative we can get right now.

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2015 Topps Star Wars Rebels Blaster Box Break

This release commemorates much of the first season for Disney XD’s hit Star Wars Rebels. It’s a pretty basic set features images from the series. There are 100 base cards with a rainbow foil parallel. The only inserts on the checklist are Stickers and Tattoos. There are also a rare number of Sketch Cards, which have not been listed. It’s not really a release based on hits, so there are no autographs included.

This break was a blaster box containing six pack, with six cards each, one of which is an insert.

27 Base
3 Rainbow Foil Parallels
5 Stickers
1 Tattoo

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2015 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break

The 2015 Topps Heritage release pays tribute to the 1966 Topps edition. It’s not one of my more favorite sets, so I’m less excited this year, but it still does what it sets out to do. Once again, the release pays homage to the original set, containing short prints in the style of original errors, as well as the style of subsets. There are even a couple of surprises this year, including the “gum stain” cards, which even have a faint scent of bubble gum.

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