2021 Topps 206 Series 1 Hobby Pack Break

Topps is following up their successful relaunch of the 206 brand with another set for 2021. Unlike the five series in 2020, they’re releasing ten series for 2021. That’s going to make it a rather large set, reminiscent of the original tobacco set from 1909. This set is once again print on demand, and solicits sale for three weeks. The first series is down quite a bit from the 2020 run, at only 26,844 packs. That’s lower than four of the five series from last year.

Topps recreates many of the advertisement backs for this release again. It looks like future series will change a bit of the configuration, with some special feature for each series. For now, each series is featuring 50 base cards, plus five possible autographs, although they are rare. Unlike last year, which advertised two Piedmont backs per pack, plus any additional variants, this year, each pack will contain ten cards, including a total of two parallels. In packs with rarer backs, you will only find one Piedmont back.

This pack contained:

8 Base
2 Base Piedmont Parallels

2021 Topps 206 # Bo Bichette
2021 Topps 206 # Bo Bichette
2021 Topps 206 # Walker Buehler
2021 Topps 206 # Carlos Correa
2021 Topps 206 # Dexter Fowler
2021 Topps 206 # Nick Madrigal RC
2021 Topps 206 # Ryan Mountcastle RC
2021 Topps 206 # Jorge Soler
2021 Topps 206 # Mark Teixeria
2021 Topps 206 Piedmont # Randy Johnson
2021 Topps 206 Piedmont # Randy Johnson
2021 Topps 206 Piedmont # Jose Ramirez

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